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MOTOR POWER Servo Motor Repair - MOTOR POWER Servo Repair

  • Your ultimate destination to repair your MOTOR POWER Servo Motor
  • 1 year in service warranty on your MOTOR POWER servo motor.
  • Before releasing the MOTOR POWER motor back to you, our team of experts will do a specific analysis to make sure that it meets the factory standards.
  • Trust only your MOTOR POWER Servo motor repair professionals to repair and service your Allen Bradley motor completely the first time.
  • Be assured that only original parts will be used for the specific repair.
  • Our quality control guarantees to meet the OEM standards and regulations.

Supported MOTOR POWER Servo Motor Manufacturers

  DUET 40-0.16-01   DUET 40-0.16-03
  DUET 40-0.32-01   DUET 40-0.32-03
  DUET 60-0.65-01   DUET 60-0.65-03
  DUET 60-1.3-02   DUET 60-1.3-04
  DUET 80-1.5-04   DUET 80-2.5-21
  TETRA 115SR 11 xH13   TETRA 115SR 11 xH14
  TETRA 115SR 11 xH15   TETRA 115SR 11 xH16
  TETRA 115SR 11 xH17   TETRA 115SR 11 xH18
  TETRA 115SR 11 xH19   TETRA 115SR 11 xL13
  TETRA 115SR 11 xL14   TETRA 115SR 11 xL15
  TETRA 115SR 11 xL16   TETRA 115SR 11 xL17
  TETRA 115SR 11 xL18   TETRA 115SR 11 xL19
  TETRA 115SR 3 xH09   TETRA 115SR 3 xH12
  TETRA 115SR 3 xH14   TETRA 115SR 3 xH15
  TETRA 115SR 3 xH16   TETRA 115SR 3 xH17
  TETRA 115SR 3 xH18   TETRA 115SR 3 xL09
  TETRA 115SR 3 xL12   TETRA 115SR 3 xL14
  TETRA 115SR 3 xL15   TETRA 115SR 3 xL16
  TETRA 115SR 3 xL17   TETRA 115SR 3 xL18
  TETRA 115SR 5.2 xH09   TETRA 115SR 5.2 xH12
  TETRA 115SR 5.2 xH15   TETRA 115SR 5.2 xH16
  TETRA 115SR 5.2 xH17   TETRA 115SR 5.2 xH18
  TETRA 115SR 5.2 xH19   TETRA 115SR 5.2 xL09
  TETRA 115SR 5.2 xL12   TETRA 115SR 5.2 xL14
  TETRA 115SR 5.2 xL15   TETRA 115SR 5.2 xL16
  TETRA 115SR 5.2 xL17   TETRA 115SR 5.2 xL18
  TETRA 115SR 5.2 xL19   TETRA 115SR 7 xH12
  TETRA 115SR 7 xH14   TETRA 115SR 7 xH15
  TETRA 115SR 7 xH16   TETRA 115SR 7 xH17
  TETRA 115SR 7 xH18   TETRA 115SR 7 xH19
  TETRA 115SR 7 xL12   TETRA 115SR 7 xL14
  TETRA 115SR 7 xL15   TETRA 115SR 7 xL16
  TETRA 115SR 7 xL17   TETRA 115SR 7 xL18
  TETRA 115SR 7 xL19   TETRA 115SR 9.2 xH14
  TETRA 115SR 9.2 xH15   TETRA 115SR 9.2 xH16
  TETRA 115SR 9.2 xH17   TETRA 115SR 9.2 xH18
  TETRA 115SR 9.2 xH19   TETRA 115SR 9.2 xL14
  TETRA 115SR 9.2 xL15   TETRA 115SR 9.2 xL16
  TETRA 115SR 9.2 xL17   TETRA 115SR 9.2 xL18
  TETRA 115SR 9.2 xL19   TETRA 142SR 12 xH14
  TETRA 142SR 12 xH15   TETRA 142SR 12 xH16
  TETRA 142SR 12 xH17   TETRA 142SR 12 xH18
  TETRA 142SR 12 xH19   TETRA 142SR 12 xL14
  TETRA 142SR 12 xL15   TETRA 142SR 12 xL16
  TETRA 142SR 12 xL17   TETRA 142SR 12 xL18
  TETRA 142SR 12 xL19   TETRA 142SR 16.5 xH15
  TETRA 142SR 16.5 xH16   TETRA 142SR 16.5 xH17
  TETRA 142SR 16.5 xH18   TETRA 142SR 16.5 xH19
  TETRA 142SR 16.5 xL15   TETRA 142SR 16.5 xL16
  TETRA 142SR 16.5 xL17   TETRA 142SR 16.5 xL18
  TETRA 142SR 16.5 xL19   TETRA 142SR 21 xH15
  TETRA 142SR 21 xH16   TETRA 142SR 21 xH17
  TETRA 142SR 21 xH18   TETRA 142SR 21 xH19
  TETRA 142SR 21 xL15   TETRA 142SR 21 xL16
  TETRA 142SR 21 xL17   TETRA 142SR 21 xL18
  TETRA 142SR 21 xL19   TETRA 142SR 25.5 xH16
  TETRA 142SR 25.5 xH17   TETRA 142SR 25.5 xH18
  TETRA 142SR 25.5 xH19   TETRA 142SR 25.5 xL16
  TETRA 142SR 25.5 xL17   TETRA 142SR 25.5 xL18
  TETRA 142SR 25.5 xL19   TETRA 85SR 1.2 xH01
  TETRA 85SR 1.2 xH02   TETRA 85SR 1.2 xH03
  TETRA 85SR 1.2 xH04   TETRA 85SR 1.2 xH08
  TETRA 85SR 1.2 xH12   TETRA 85SR 1.2 xH14
  TETRA 85SR 1.2 xH15   TETRA 85SR 1.2 xH17
  TETRA 85SR 1.2 xH18   TETRA 85SR 1.2 xL01
  TETRA 85SR 1.2 xL02   TETRA 85SR 1.2 xL03
  TETRA 85SR 1.2 xL04   TETRA 85SR 1.2 xL08
  TETRA 85SR 1.2 xL12   TETRA 85SR 1.2 xL14
  TETRA 85SR 1.2 xL15   TETRA 85SR 1.2 xL17
  TETRA 85SR 1.2 xL18   TETRA 85SR 2.2 xH01
  TETRA 85SR 2.2 xH02   TETRA 85SR 2.2 xH03
  TETRA 85SR 2.2 xH04   TETRA 85SR 2.2 xH08
  TETRA 85SR 2.2 xH12   TETRA 85SR 2.2 xH14
  TETRA 85SR 2.2 xH15   TETRA 85SR 2.2 xH17
  TETRA 85SR 2.2 xH18   TETRA 85SR 2.2 xL01

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