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Why Us

Industrial Automation Repair Inc. is a full service repair company, specializing in the repair of industrial/automation controls and accessories such as servo motors, encoders, drives, servo valves, A.C.- D.C. motors, generators, electronic equipments and OEM parts. We repair any and all brand models of motors and drives. To better serve our customers we also supply remanufactured units, accessories and all other parts that may be useful for any specific system. Our facility is equipped with magnetizer, servo software and hardware, complete machine shop (burning oven, baking oven, varnish tank, coil winder, lathe, milling machine, welder, grinder, hydraulic press), dynamic balancing machine, waveform analysis.

  1. We offer Free Evaluation (Dismantle, Clean, Inspect and priced)
  2. Our Repair stand for 1 year in service Warranty


Industrial Automation Repair has had a long and prosperous history. From the firm's founding days to the present, Industrial Automation Repair has been a loyal and hardworking company, which is a result of our continued growth and success.

At Industrial Automation Repair Inc., we recognize that no two repairs are alike. We have the flexibility to meet a wide variety of customer repair requirements.

We carry a full stock of replacement parts, materials, and a complete wire inventory to handle special repairs. Our inventory includes brushes, brush holders, brush caps and springs, commutators, tach generators, resolvers, and encoders. We also stock brakes, bearings, seals, and permanent magnet frame assemblies.

Services include rewinding, mechanical rebuilding, electronic repair, feedback alignment, and sales of new and rebuilt motors. We understand the rigid specifications required for motors in the machine tool industry. Combining these elements with modern equipment for testing, balancing, winding, and cleaning a motor,

The customer is guaranteed a quality job done right.

We service

Motor and Drive brands including Vicker, Lenze, Kuka, Pacific Valve, Mitsubishi, Scientific Valve, Okuma, ABB, Moog, Allen Bradley, Kollmorgen, Emerson, Sanyo, Mazak, Giddings & Lewis, Fadal, Mori Seiki, Matsuura, Haas, Toyoda, Makino, Aida, Denki Electronics, Baumuller, ElectroCraft, SEW, SEM, Parvex, Elau, Bosch, Nachi, Panasonic, Rexroth, Exlar Encoder Repair, Siemens encoder ERN1387, Siemens Encoder EQN1325, Siemens Encoder EQI1325, Siemens Servo Motor Repair, Siemens Servo Repair, Siemens 1FK6 Servo Repair, Siemens 1FK7 Servo Repair, Siemens 1FT5 Servo Motor Repair, Siemens 1HU5 DC Servo Repair, Indramat Digital Controller Repair, Indramat HDS drive Repair, Indramat DKS drive Repair, Indramat HDD drive Repair, Indramat HVE Power Supply Repair, Indramat DKC Drive Repair, Indramat TDA Drive Repair, Indramat PPC controller Repair, Indramat TDM Controller Repair, Indramat KDA Drive Repair, Indramat RAC Drive Repair, Indramat DKR Drive Repair, Indramat ECO Drive Repair, Indramat HZK Drive Repair, Indramat CDM Drive Repair, Indramat DDS2.1 Drive Repair, Indramat DDS2.2 Drive Repair, Indramat DDS Drive Repair, Indramat HVR Power Supply Repair, Indramat KDA Drive Repair and Indramat PCB Board Repair, Indramat MDD Servo Motor Repair, Indramat Servo Repair, Indramat MSK Servo Repair, Indramat MAC Servo Repair, Indramat MHD Servo Repair, Indramat MKD Servo Repair, Indramat 2AD Spindle Repair, Indramat DSF Digital Encoder Repair, Bosch Rexroth Servo Repair, Allen Bradley Servo Drive Repair, Allen Bradley Servo Repair, Allen Bradley MPL Servo Repair, Allen Bradley Kinetic Drive Repair, Allen Bradley Drive Repair, Allen Bradley Panel View Repair, Allen Bradley PLC Repair, Allen Bradley Controller Repair, Yaskawa Servo Motor Repair , Yaskawa Drive Repair, Kollmorgan Servo Drive Repair, Kollmorgan Servo Motor Repair, Fanuc Servo Drive Repair, Fanuc Servo Motor Repair, Fanuc Power Supply Repair, Fanuc Controller Repair, Parker Servo Drive Repair, Parker Servo Motor Repair, Heidenhain Encoder Repair, Yaskawa USAREM Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGM Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGDA Servo Repair, Yaskawa CIMR Drive Repair, Yaskawa SGMGH Servo Repair, Yaskawa USASEM Servo repair, Yaskawa SGMAH Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGMP Servo repair, Yaskawa USAGED Servo Repair, Yaskawa USAFED Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGMAJ Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGMD Servo Repair, Indramat Servo Repairs, Servo Motors Repairs, Servo Drive Repairs, Siemens Servos Repair, Fanuc Servo Motor, Fanuc Servo Repair